English Language Learners (ELL)

Welcome to Cypress Creek High School!

The ESOL program at Cypress Creek High School enables ELL students or English Language Learners to develop proficient listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English language through instructional tasks requiring complex thinking and instructional support that matches students’ levels of language proficiency.

Students are enrolled in the appropriate grade level courses of Language Arts/ESOL, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Literacy. Our ELL/ESOL teachers provide varied strategies, encourage second language use, as well as teach the necessary skills students will use on the state (FSA) and End of Course (EOC) tests. Our teachers use various strategies to teach, evaluate and assess our ELL students as they learn their new language. Additional assistance is provided as needed by paraprofessionals that work with the students in the classrooms.

Our ELL/ESOL Department is located in the main office room 1-101C and 1-101A. For additional information regarding this program please feel free to stop by and meet our ELL/ESOL Personnel, Mrs. Alicia Duarte, the Compliance Specialist and Mrs. Neida I. Garcia-Medina, Program Assistant. 407-852-3400 Ext. 6032356 407-852-3400 Ext. 6032302


New students complete a Home Language Survey (HLS) at the time they register in the district. When there is a “Yes” on any of the HLS questions, further assessment is done to determine eligibility for the ESOL program.

Program Placement

Students are selected and placed in the ESOL Program as a result of a process beginning with the HLS. An assessment model was developed for evaluating and placing all potentially ELL student. The test used for listening comprehension, speaking and the reading and writing covers a wide range of skills and is approved by the Florida Department of Education.

Entry Criteria Grades 4-12

  • Student scores Non-English speaking (NES) or Limited English Speaking (LES) on an oral/aural test.


  • Student scores 50% or less on the reading and writing subparts of the test.

Exit Criteria Grades 4-12

  • Students scores Fluent English Speaking (FES) on an oral/aural test.


  • Student scores 51% or above on the reading and writing subparts of the test.

Report card grades, State Assessments, such as the FSA or ACCESS/WIDA, teacher recommendations, and parent concerns are taken into consideration as part of the exit procedures. A LEP Committee meeting will be convened to discuss readiness to exit or need to remain ESOL.

Post Reclassification

The academic process of former ELL students shall be monitored for two years after exiting the ESOL Program. The student’s performance will be reviewed four times during the two years. Any consistent pattern of underperformance on tests or grades shall result in the convening of a LEP Committee for review and assess possibility of the need to return to the ESOL program.

LEP Committee

The LEP (Limited English Proficient) Committee is school based and includes the ESOL teacher(s), an administrator or designee, guidance counselors, school psychologist, and other educators as needed to discuss the needs of the individual student and how the school can best serve the ELL/ESOL student.

Parent Leadership Council

The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is established at the school and district level. The representatives of the school PLC are identified by each school as parents of ELL students. The District PLC meets at least four times a year to establish goals and improve the parent to school to district communication. Multilingual Services shall train and assist the council in conducting meetings.

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