The IB Core

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The IB Diploma Programme Core

The IB DP Core
CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)

CCHS Pre-IB and IB students are expected to be engaged in their communities (school, local, national, international). Pre-IB service hours and Diploma Programme CAS experiences and projects help to create internationally-minded students.

CAS Overview

Students complete all CAS Reflections on ManageBac: LINK


In the second semester of junior year all Diploma Programme students begin the Extended Essay. The Extended Essay allows DP students to engage in sustained research and development of a 4,000 word college quality essay. The essay is completed by October of the Senior year.

IB Extended Essay Website LINK


Across the two years of the IB Diploma Programme students will be enrolled in two full-year TOK courses.

“TOK plays a special role in the Diploma Programme by providing an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge. The task of TOK is to emphasize connections between areas of knowledge and link them to the knower in such a way that the knower can become aware of his or her own perspectives and those of the various groups whose knowledge he or she shares. TOK, therefore, explores both the personal and shared aspects of knowledge and investigates the relationships between them.

The raw material of TOK is knowledge itself. Students think about how knowledge is arrived at in the various disciplines, what the disciplines have in common and the differences between them. The fundamental question of TOK is “how do we know that?” The answer might depend on the discipline and the purpose to which the knowledge is put. TOK explores methods of inquiry and tries to establish what it is about these methods that makes them effective as knowledge tools. In this sense, TOK is concerned with knowing about knowing.” (IBO.Org; TOK Website)