Athletic Director's Message

Cypress Creek

High School parents and fans are a tremendous asset to our program and we are extremely grateful for your cooperation, support, and loyalty. As spectators at contests, parents and fans can significantly contribute to the fine reputation we have earned in the area of sportsmanship- but unfortunately, problems occur from time to time. We expect student athletes to hold themselves to high standards of sportsmanship, and hope parents and other fans will themselves serve as role models for our students by exhibiting high standards of sportsmanship as well. We must never lose sight of the fact that the participants in interscholastic athletics are only "youngsters". Officials and game management personnel are there to make this a positive experience fro everyone. Please treat them accordingly.

The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times:

  1. Knowing and understanding the rules of the contest.
  2. Showing respect for officials and there decisions.
  3. Showing respect for opponents at all times.
  4. Recognizing and appreciating the varying skill levels of all student athletes participating.
  5. Maintining self-control at all times.
  6. Showing a positive attitude when cheering.


Interscholastic athletic programs have been established because research indicates a student involved in co-curricular activities has a greater chance for success during adulthood. Your child will learn values such as hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship, interpersonal relationship's, honesty, and how to strive for success. Many of the character traits required to be a successful participant are the same as those that will promote a successful life after high school. With your help and positive support of the high school staff, the experience will be rewarding for all.

James Washington
Athletic Director

Cypress Creek High School

407-852-3400, ext. 6032322