Mental Health Course

Mandatory Mental Health Course
Posted on 08/24/2021
Mental Health (decorative image)Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Florida Department of Education approved Rule 6A-1.094121, F.A.C., which requires
students in grades 6-12 receive a minimum of five hours of mental and emotional health
instruction each year, beginning in the 2019-20 school year.

To comply with this requirement, OCPS has designated five days in which students will
receive one hour of instruction from a classroom teacher. The dates are: September 21st,
October 21th, November 16th, January 20th, and February 24th. Please check with your school

The state mandated curriculum components include:
• Recognition of signs and symptoms of mental health disorders;
• Prevention of mental health disorders;
• Mental health awareness and assistance;
• How to reduce the stigma around mental health disorders;
• Awareness of resources, including local school and community resources;
• The process for accessing treatment;
• Strategies to develop healthy coping techniques;
• Strategies to support a peer, friend or family member with a mental health disorder;
• Prevention of suicide;
• Prevention of the abuse of and addiction to alcohol, nicotine and drugs;
• Human trafficking education

Students will not be graded on this material.

Additional student services personnel (psychologists, social workers and district mental health
counselors) will be at the schools to assist students who may need counseling during this time or
need follow up attention. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the mandated mental
and emotional health curriculum, please contact school administration.