Back-to-School Year Info

Back to School Year Information

  1. Please visit the OCPS Website for the School Reopening Plans FAQs. The Choice Registration Form is now available at and it will be open until Fri, July 24.

  2. New Students to Cypress Creek: Laptop Distribution is Monday - Friday (8/3-8/7) from 8 am-11 am in the PAC lobby. If you are only able to come in the afternoon, call the front office and schedule an appointment. 

  3. Here is the new link to the 2020-2021 Student Services Frequently Asked Questions Newsletter

  4. AP, IB, and PreCalc Textbook Check Out will be scheduled by classes on the following dates and times. All other textbooks are digital.

    Thursday – August 6th

    Sophomores: 8 am-10 am

    Freshmen: 12 pm-2 pm

    Friday – August 7th

    Seniors: 8 am-10 am

    Juniors: 12 pm-2 pm

    Textbook checkout makeups will be next Monday and Tuesday (8/17-8/18) from 12 pm-2 pm in the Media Center. Please contact Mr. Oswald at [email protected] if you have any questions.                                                                                 

    Student can also bring back last year’s books during their designated check out time.

    We will check your schedule to see if you need the textbook.

  5. For Face to Face Students: CCHS arrival and dismissal.pdf

  6. This year for our back to school packet, we're going digital. Please go to your Student Body Canvas Course to complete the following forms: Emergency Student Information 2020-2021, Parent Technology Media and Information Consent Form, and Student Residency Questionnaire. 

  7. We encourage all students to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch form. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch status, you could receive all of the following:

    1. The registration fee for the SAT with or without the Essay or the registration and test fees for up to three SAT Subject Tests on one test day. You can use a fee waiver for SAT Subject Tests anytime in high school.

    2. Two free Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) or Student Answer Service (SAS) reports if ordered at the time of SAT registration. These two services give you more information about the types of test questions and how you answered them. (QAS and SAS aren’t available for SAT Subject Tests.)

    3. Unlimited score reports, which you can order any time after registering for the test(s), including after you’ve seen your scores.

    4. Waived application fees at participating colleges

    5. Free CSS Profile™ applications to apply online for financial aid from participating schools.

    6. The Non-U.S. Regional Fee for U.S. students testing internationally.

    7. The late registration fee for students testing in the United States or U.S. territories.

    8. Fees waived for the registration and late fees for either the ACT (no writing) or the ACT with writing for two tests.

    9. One ACT report to a student’s high school and up to six college choices (at the time he or she registers). After registration, the student can request up to an additional 20 regular score reports for free.

    10. Access to Test Prep Tools Students registering with a fee waiver will also receive free access to ACT® Rapid Review™—All Access and ACT® Online Prep™

    11. There are many job placement/college prep programs, internships, and scholarships that will give priority to students who qualify for free/reduced lunch status through this application.

More Information Coming Soon