Tradition and Philosophy

The Cypress Creek Band has developed a proud tradition of excellence since the school opened in 1992. You, in becoming a member of this organization, assume the responsibility of continuing this proud tradition, which has been established by others like yourself through devotion and hard work.

The Cypress Creek High School Band Program is dedicated to provide educational and artistic opportunities for its students in the performing arts. All educational activities will take place in a professional atmosphere, which promotes social and artistic development of students through creative and innovative programs, each based upon high quality instruction and leadership. In addition, it is our belief that “the process is just as important as the product.” This places the emphasis on the development and growth of each individual student, not on specific performances or placements.

“Success is a journey – not a destination”


Those students who have a positive attitude, regardless of their individual skills, will always have a place in the Cypress Creek High School Band. Regardless of your ability, if your attitude is not positive and you are not doing your personal best to make the group successful, you should not be a part of this organization. Almost all shortcomings can be overcome with the right attitude and perseverance.

Those who have pride in themselves will usually project a positive mental attitude. Characteristics of a positive mental attitude include a generally cheerful outlook towards rehearsals and performances, cooperation in the preparation and maintenance of equipment and facilities, and an eagerness to do whatever is necessary to be successful. The ideal band member is someone who will always give his or her best for the good of the organization.

Important Forms for
Participants in Extracurricular Activities

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