Locker Information

Note: We will not be issuing any lockers this school year.

Admin Responsible for Locker Distribution- Dean Miranda 7-200

All OCPS parking areas and lockers are the property of the school district. School authorities have the right to inspect any student vehicle and/or lockers in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of students. This includes use of sniffing K-9 detector dogs. Each student who uses OCPS property to park a vehicle or uses a school locker must sign an OCPS Student Parking and/or Student Locker Application and Consent to Search and Waiver of Liability form acknowledging and agreeing to the conditions as a prerequisite to, and in consideration for, the issuance of a student parking decal and/or a student locker. Individual student parked vehicles and/or locker searches will be conducted if school personnel have reasonable suspicion of a violation of the law or of the Code. A student will be presumed to be in possession of an object prohibited by the Code if the object is found in the car the student drove on campus or in the student’s locker. Routine locker clean-ups are not considered searches.