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Standards of Conduct for Students using Transportation Provided by OCPS

Note:  We will not be issuing bus passes this school year.

Admin Responsible- Dean Areco and Dean Miranda 7-200.

Because of OCPS’s continuing efforts to provide safe transportation for all students, whether for a field trip, athletic function, similar activity, or to and from home, students are expected to abide by the following standards of school bus behavior, in addition to the Code:

1. Obey the bus driver at all times.

2. Stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus.

3. Be at the bus stop five minutes prior to a scheduled stop time.

4. Cross the roadway several steps in front of the bus.

5. Ride only on the assigned bus.

6. Board and depart at the assigned bus stop.

7. Act appropriately while waiting for the bus.

8. Give your proper name when requested by the bus operator or monitor.

9. Remain seated at all times when the bus is moving and properly wear seat belt, as applicable.

10. Remain silent when the dome lights are on.

11. Remain silent at railroad crossings.

12. Refrain from littering on the bus.

13. Refrain from bringing reptiles, bugs, animals, or marine life (dead or alive) on the bus unrelated to school activities.

14. Refrain from displaying signs from the bus.

15. Refrain from using profane language or gestures.

16. Refrain from acts of vandalism.

17. Refrain from throwing any objects from the windows of the bus.

18. Refrain from any conduct or behavior that interferes with the orderly, safe, and expeditious transportation of yourself or other bus riders.

19. Students are permitted to use their electronic device while on OCPS/OCPS-sponsored transportation so long as the student utilizes earbuds, headphones, etc. and has at least one ear free to hear directions.

20. Skate boards are not permitted on the school bus.

Recording devices have been installed on many buses. Students may be filmed at any time during their ride. The recordings may be utilized to determine violations of the Code. Violations of the aforementioned standards, or any other section of the Code may be the basis for suspension or expulsion from bus/school.