Financial Aid & Scholarships

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Information 2023-2024

FASFEPA 2024 Vivian Scott Scholarship - $2,000 per recipient 
  • Student applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the scholarship:
     - Be a senior who is on track to graduate in May/June of 2024; 
      - Be eligible under current USDA guidelines as free or reduced-priced meals or Approved CEP Direct Certification for free or reduced lunch; and
      - Provide a picture with the application to be used in an announcement and on the FASFEPA webpage. (.jpg or .png format)

  • Completed application packets are to be returned to you no later than February 12, 2024.  You are to vet the applications that you receive using the Scoring Criteria document and submit only two applications no later than February 26, 2024.   Please note that there is a routing form that requires school and district signatures that must accompany each submitted application. 

  • A Scholarship award announcement will be sent to both the recipient and district by March 25, 2024.

  • The scholarship award amount is $2,000 per recipient.

  • Here is a Timeline to help you:  2024 FASFEPA SCHOLARSHIP TIMELINE