S.A.F.E - Student Assistance and Family Empowerment


SAFE Coordinator - Nancy Allred:  [email protected]


SAFE Program Goals

The goal of the SAFE Program is to assist in making school campuses safe and drug free, so all students have the opportunity to be successful in school.

SAFE Program interventions are:

  • Preventative - provide educational information to teachers, students and families, facilitate drug and alcohol prevention activities and presentations, work with at-risk students, etc.

  • Supportive - Facilitate support groups, work with students and families so that the student is able to remain in school, refer students to other agencies as necessary.

  • Responsive - assist with peer mediation, suspected drug/alcohol use, abuse/neglect issues, crisis response, etc.

The SAFE Coordinator meets with students, their families, school faculty and staff, and also community service agencies. The interventions are generally brief and short-term as they are meant to support the student's academics, not interfere with them. There are a very small number of CCHS students however, that do benefit from ongoing contact throughout the school year.

"Creek Boutique and Pantry" - OPEN!

Many of our Cypress Creek students and families have been struggling because of the economy. Jobs have been lost, homes have been foreclosed, and money has been tight. Because of this, students are sometimes not getting all of their basic needs met at home, which makes it very difficult for them to concentrate at school.

To help with this increasing problem, we have started up the "Creek Boutique and Pantry". With the help of faculty, staff, and student donations, as well as a grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation, we have been able to set up this room at Cypress Creek that is dedicated to helping our families in need. The Creek Boutique and Pantry contains new and gently used clothing, school supplies, non perishable food items, and personal hygiene products for our students and families who need it. We have items for all ages. If you or your family would like to browse the Creek Boutique for any items that you need, please contact Ashley Stoner or Regina Mitchell and we will be happy to help. Please also contact us if you are interested in donating any items. Donations will be accepted before or after school.


SAFE Ambassador Club

"Be the Change that you wish to see in the world."

This group of students is passionate and actively wishing to help create a drug, alcohol and violence free school environment. They help to implement a variety of prevention and awareness activities to try to reach this goal. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 2:30.

SAFE Activities and Presentations:

Mock DUI

Marc Mero Champion of Choices Presentation

Red Ribbon Week

Bullying Prevention

Drug and Alcohol Awareness activities

Internet Safety Awareness

Suicide Prevention Program- Jason Foundation

Creek Boutique and Pantry

Project Re-Direct groups

Partners in Change Conference



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