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We are providing digital support for our new digital learning platform. 

Daily Digital Support - 

Make sure your device is ready for the upcoming school year:
- Restart your computer to receive all the updates
- Receive tech support
- Repair/switch out your damaged device
- New students that are completely enrolled may check out a device

Some Frequently Asked Questions before you come to campus:

Do you have chargers?

  • Yes! We have plenty of spare chargers on campus.  If you simply need a replacement charger there will be no delay for replacement.

Will my computer be fixed immediately?

  • Depending on the problem, some fixes will be resolved while you wait. Other fixes may need to be kept overnight and returned via appointment the next day.

Can you fix all computer issues?

  • Due to our technology restrictions and time constraints, we can only fix the school-issued computers of Cypress Creek High School students.
  • Internet connectivity problems cannot always be fixed by our staff. If you think your device will not connect because to your home internet or home Wi-Fi or cellular hot-spot because it is defective, then we will take a look at it for you.  However, if everything checks out as normal while you are on campus then you will have to contact your internet service provider for support. 
  • LaunchPad Issues: If your device boots correctly, has internet access, and you can log into LaunchPad, but once inside LaunchPad you are missing access to Canvas, or textbooks, or other resources, then you need to email your teacher.  No one on our campus has access to correct issues to feature contained within LaunchPad.  District personnel will be happy to correct these issues, but the reporting of said issues has to come from your teachers.