Community Service Opportunities

Community Service Pre-Approval
Submitting Completed Hours

Community Service Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Complete the Community Service Pre-Approval Request Form for your specific counselor.


Step 2: After you submit your Pre-Approval Form, your school counselor will review your request and will send you an email to let you know if your request has been granted.


Step 3: Complete your community service hours and record on the Community Service Log:

-Rename the google sheet to your first and last name.

-For any virtual community service hours completed, you will need to provide documentation.

-Log your hours as well as take photos to document your community service project.


Step 4: When you are ready to submit your hours, complete the Post-Reflection Community Service Form for your specific counselor.

-This form will allow you to upload your community service log as well as your documentation showing the completion of your hours (supervisor emails, photos, documents, etc).


Pre-Approval and Post-Reflection Forms by School Counselor

A-Col: Ms. Foster


Com-Gonzalez, F: Mrs. Dye


Gonzalez, G-Ji AND IB Program A-L: Mrs. Grammier


Jo-Marr AND IB Program M-Z: Mrs. Hernandez


Mars-Perez: Mrs. Mejias


Perf-Santam: Mrs. Bulled


Santan-Z: Mrs. White


Project Graduate 11th-12th A-Z: Mrs. Elder



Community Service Log Sheet

Virtual Community Service Opportunities

· The Student Services team has created a list of ideas for virtual community service.

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