Lockers will be assigned during the first week of school and throughout the school year. Distribution will begin the week of 8/14/17. Lockers will cost only $3.00 and can be purchased starting on 8/1/2017. Lockers can be purchased online at and assigned through Ms. Walker in room 7-200.

Combination information will be provide directly to students by Ms. Walker during the first week of school after completion of the student locker application. Applications can be picked up during "Welcome Back Bears" or printed online. Students should NOT share lockers. *It is strongly recommended not to leave any valuables in your locker. Lockers will be assigned based on grade level - First come, first served. Top lockers will be issued first followed by bottoms ones. 

Student Locker Application.pdf

Locker location will be assigned based on grade level:

- Freshman (800 building downstairs) top lockers until sold out

- Sophomores (800 building downstairs) top lockers until sold out

- Juniors (800 building downstairs) top lockers until sold out

- Seniors (600 building downstairs in the front hallway) top lockers until gone, then middle lockers.

Locker Policies:

  • Lockers are an option made available for student use during the school year as a privilege. Abuse of this privilege or misuse of lockers may result in your locker privilege being revoked.
  • Students accepting usage of the lockers must also accept the related responsibilities, including keeping the assigned locker clean both inside and out. 
  • Lockers are school property and students are responsible for equipment and books issued to them and stored in the lockers. 
  • Do not leave money or valuables in your locker. Cypress Creek HS is not responsible for items lost or stolen from lockers.
  • Individual lockers or storage areas may be searched at any time, without notice or consent and without a student’s knowledge or presence, if the school staff has reasonable suspicion that a prohibited or illegally possessed substance or object is present.
  • Sharing lockers/combinations is not advised.
  • Going to your locker is not an excuse for being late to class. Plan ahead.

The administrator responsible for locker distribution and policy enforcement is Dean Walker at 407-852-3400 x6033438 or email [email protected]