Student Laptop Information

Student Device Repair Appointment Link: 

Student Devices Over Summer:

·         Underclassmen are keeping their devices over the summer and are expected to return with them in August. 

·         There will be county sponsored Canvas Modules that students can work on to reduce the summer slide and can even win prizes.  

o   To support continuous learning, the district is supporting summer reading and a new Summer Success Passport for students.

o   This is optional enrichment via Canvas and will address the following topics through modules:

      • Reading Fluency
      • Algebra I Prep
      • Algebra I Review
      • Geometry Prep
      • Geometry Review
      • Accelerated Mathematics Enrichment
      • Biology 
      • US History
      • SAT Prep
      • Advanced Placement Prep
      • Digital Tool Readiness
      • College Readiness
      • Career Readiness

o   All students are automatically enrolled in the courses and if they complete at least three they will be entered into a drawing to win prizes.

·         There will be summer days for technology support for students and that information will be posted on the school website and marquee.

·         Please let students know that if they are  not  planning to return to Cypress Creek High School next year (i.e. transferring to another school) they need to return their laptop and cord by the last day of school.